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Advanced Directives & Personal Health Record

Understanding Advanced Directives

Many people think of Advance Directives as a “living will,” or a “durable power of attorney for healthcare.” 

Essentially, an Advance Directive ensures your end of life and other critical healthcare decisions will be honored. It is a written document that outlines your wishes for medical treatment in the future, including if you are no longer able to make those decisions.

Create & Register Your Advanced Directive

Create a personal account with the Vermont Department of Health to set up your registry account. From here, you’ll be able to edit, download, view, email and print your documents.

The Importance of Advanced Directives

Advanced Directives give you the ability “speak” to family and doctors about your personal philosophy, so that they may make decisions that best reflect your want without feeling guilt or remorse, and give you comfort knowing that your choices are secure and will be available for your family and doctors.

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