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Meet the
Age Well Team

We are Age Well – the leading experts and advocates for the aging population of Northwestern Vermont. As a nonprofit, we are governed by a Board of Directors. Age Well has 70 employees and more than 1,000 volunteers. 

Board of Directors

Portrait of Dr Allan Ramsay

Allan Murray Ramsay, MD (President)

Medical Director, People’s Health & Wellness Clinic – Barre 

I have been a family physician in Vermont for over 40 years and spent five years on the Green Mountain Care Board. These experiences have taught me the way we will improve how Vermonters age is greater investment in home based services. Being on the Board of Age Well is a way for me to be a part of that mission.

Portrait of Sarah Gentry Tischler

Sarah Gentry Tischler (Vice President)

Community Supporter – Williston

The pace of life continues to accelerate, and the need to preserve and enhance meaningful and positive connections among all generations, but especially for our seniors, is critical. Serving on the Board of Age Well offers a unique opportunity to help raise up the quality of life for ‘those who raised us’! I am pleased to be able to apply my professional and non-profit experience in supporting this work, all at an exciting and transformative time for the organization.

Portrait of Leah Zeigler

Leah Zeigler (Treasurer)

Director of Finance & Human Capital Management, Champlain Investment Partners – Shelburne

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of Age well and to give back to our aging neighbors who have bravely paved the way for my generation and future generations to come. As the proud wife of an Army Veteran who currently serves in the Vermont Army National Guard, I am honored to support Vermont’s aging Veterans through Age Well’s admirable mission.

Portrait of Meagan Buckley

Meagan Buckley (Secretary)

President and CEO, Wake Robin – Shelburne

Age Well provides a tremendous level of service for our aging Vermonters in their homes and connecting them to crucial resources, and I’m excited to be part of their continued innovative work to come.

Portrait of George Beato

George Beato

Controller, Champlain Oil, inc. – South Burlington

Now that I am working part time, I have some extra time to be able to give back to the community.

Portrait of Dr Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown, PhD

Executive Director, Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center – Burlington

I joined the board of Age Well to support the outstanding work already being done, and to bring a diverse lens from our increasingly diverse community.

Portrait of John Davis

John Davis

President, Davis & Hodgdon Associates – Williston

Why am I on the Age Well Board? There were two things that attracted me to the board. First of all – at least in my opinion – the board presented a lot of forward thinking with regard to the changes that are occurring as to how seniors are cared for in their later years. This ties back to my original interest in the organization, which reflects my concern for how seniors are cared for in society today. Those with the means certainly have lots of alternatives, but the lower income seniors have become almost an afterthought in society. Age Well does a wonderful job of addressing their needs.

Portrait of Liz Gamache

Liz Gamache

Director of Business Development & Donor Relations – United Way of Northwest Vermont – St. Albans

I’m passionate about supporting Vermonters of all ages to lead meaningful lives. As we age, our needs and desires change and Age Well understands this. I’m honored to support the Age Well mission to support and inspire confident aging!

Portrait of John Hammer

John Hammer 

Community Supporter – Shelburne

After a full life as a career naval officer and marketing executive, I still have a lot to give and where better than with Age Well. Here I can help my fellow community members live out their lives in a fulfilled, happy, and healthy manner with dignity.

Portrait of Joan Lenes

Joan Lenes

Community Supporter – Shelburne

I believe in the mission of Age Well and value its role in the community. I want to do my part as an advocate for this group of citizens.

Portrait of Dan McLean

Dan McLean

Manager – Outsourced Operations, Health Equity – Westford 

Growing up in Essex I learned what a wonderful place Vermont is to live, and coming back to Vermont as an adult I have learned that it can also be a challenging place to stay. Now that I have a career in finance and operations, I know how important it is for the numbers to support the goals and mission of an organization. I am excited to join the Age Well board to support Vermont’s aging population and provide the services needed to maximize the benefits of living in our community.

Glenn McRae

Director, Northeast Transportation Workforce Center at University of Vermont – Burlington

Building age-friendly communities is essential to a sustainable future for Vermont. I welcome the opportunity to join the learning community of the Age Well Board to contribute my personal and professional experiences to strengthen and advance the organization’s mission. Advancing an asset-based approach to aging has the potential to pay dividends for Vermonters and Vermont.

Portrait of Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell

Organizational Development Consultant and HR Business Partner – Burlington

I am very interested in the mission of Age Well. As well, the Age Well Board of Directors appears to be highly functioning and this is an important criteria for me when looking for a board to serve.

Portrait of Lynda Ulrich

Lynda Ulrich, DMD

Owner, Fiddlehead Dental – St. Albans

I’m interested in how our notions of ‘Aging Well’ can be expanded by technology and the coming “gratitude economy” that I have seen is emerging in our culture, this through my other work with EverWideningCircles.com.

Portrait of Ruth Wallman

Ruth Wallman

Community Supporter – Williston

Age Well’s commitment to helping citizens acquire tools for aging in place is one I share, and I am happy to contribute my skills to make this possible.

Age Well’s Leadership Team

Portrait of Jane Catton

Jane Catton

Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

I believe Age Well’s mission provides so many important services for those need. When I’m in the field- delivering Meals on Wheels or accompanying our Care and Service team on home visits, I see and feel our client’s deep appreciation, which is heart- warming and so gratifying. We are making a difference in their lives and that motivates me every day!

Portrait of Amy Ahern

Amy Ahern

Director of Finance & Information Services

[email protected]

On numerous occasions, I’ve been in conversations in the community about working at Age Well. I’ve only heard sincere praises and heartfelt thanks for how Age Well has made their life better. Even if indirectly, I know I’m making a difference for aging Vermonters through my work at Age Well and for that I am grateful.

Man with dark hair and light blue shirt smiling

Jason Farrell

Director of Operations & Compliance

[email protected]

I believe in the Age Well mission, the impact and difference we make in people’s live. The organization’s steadfast purpose coupled with a strong commitment to community makes it a fantastic place to be a part of, whether it’s through volunteerism, or work.

Portrait of Erica Marks

Erica Marks

Director of Volunteer Services

[email protected] 

We all deserve to have the resources we need to live as fully as possible. I love supporting our volunteers who give so much of their time and energy to helping older Vermonters live well!

Jeffery Mbarushimana, DrPH(c), MHA, LSSMBB, ACHE

Director of Resource Navigation

[email protected] 

Being a part of Age Well has been a profoundly meaningful journey for me. I am deeply committed to public health and advocating for the aging population, which aligns perfectly with our mission. The belief that health happens at home and the focus on lifestyle, happiness, and wellness resonates with my personal values and professional goals. Every day, I strive to contribute to a community where aging is embraced with confidence and dignity. It’s incredibly fulfilling to support and advocate for individuals, helping them live their best lives, regardless of age. Serving here feels like a true calling, and I am honored to work alongside such dedicated colleagues who share this passion for enhancing our community’s well-being.

Portrait of Chris Moldovan

Chris Moldovan, RD, CD, FAND

Director of Nutrition & Wellness

[email protected]

I am so proud to work in an organization that exemplifies its commitment to Older Vermonters every day. As Age Well’s Nutrition & Wellness Director, I believe it is so very important that people have healthy, nutritious food options to support their personal health management and lifestyle choices. I feel fulfilled every time I hear of an older Vermonter that has accessed services through Age Well’s assistance and then to learn how those services enabled them to truly embrace aging and continue to participate in their community!

Portrait of Tracey Shamberger

Tracey Shamberger

Director of Business Development & Communications

[email protected]

My job is to tell people all over Vermont about the amazing services that Age Well provides and the positive impact it has on the people we serve. I know every day that I am making a big difference in the life of an older adult.  It’s poetic justice that I get to do what used to get me in trouble in school — talk a lot!

Portrait of Sara Wool

Sara Wool

Director of Development & Major Gifts

[email protected]

As a 20-year fundraising professional, I have worked on behalf of organizations that serve both children and our aging population. People often ask me, ‘How do you ask people for money, isn’t it difficult?’, my response is always the same – it is only difficult if you are not passionate about the cause and the beneficiaries of your ask. I have been extremely fortunate to work with people and organizations that truly make a difference to those who need us most in our community and I feel lucky to be a part of something that is truly life changing.

Age Well’s Advisory Council

Kimberly Anderson

Director of Development & Communications, Community Health Centers – Burlington

I feel fortunate to serve on Age Well’s Advisory Council to keep informed about the issues facing older Vermonters and the support systems that are ever-evolving to help those in need. Working for the Community Health Centers, I understand the impact our two organizations have on the health and safety of our community.

Janis Appel (Council Chair)

The hopes and needs of individuals and families across the lifetime require different interventions as life changes and people age, yet they remain the same. I experienced this personally when I retired from my professional role of social worker with children and families to be my husband’s primary caregiver. Age Well was a caring member of our team. I am glad to have this opportunity to both honor his memory and to support my community by helping people of all ages, abilities and need to be safe, secure and able to live meaningful lives.

Katy Davis

Community Action Manager, Hunger Free Vermont – Burlington

Lisa Hango

Representative, Franklin-5 – Berkshire

Allison Joyal

Vermont is one of only three states in the nation that offers Meals on Wheels to people younger than sixty years who have disabilities. I am honored and proud to represent disabled Vermonters through Vermont Center for Independent Living as the Meals on Wheels Coordinator. I have spent 35 years in human services, first as a nurse, then a housing counselor, and case manager. I am very devoted to serving and advocating for those with a need in these beautiful Green Mountains.

Pat Long

Retired – Essex Junction

I have had the privilege of working for Age Well for over 25 years, as an employee I was honored to work alongside the most compassionate, empathetic group of people I have ever met. I saw first hand the tremendous impact our agency had on assisting older Vermonters age with independence and dignity. To remain part of this extraordinary organization in my retirement is one of life’s greatest honors.

Wayne Maceyka

Senior Network Weaver, University of Vermont – Hinesburg

Amy Nickerson, MS, RDN

Owner, Simple Health Partners LLC – Shelburne

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate on the Advisory Council, acting as the eyes and ears in the community that serves older adults in Vermont. Inspired by my grandmother who lived well into her 99th year, I value the importance of services, and access to them, that support people’s preference to live at home.

Allyan Rivera

Retired – Burlington