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Senior Companions

AmeriCorps Senior Companion Program

Make giving back your second act!

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers bring their unique skillsets and experiences to help people and communities thrive. AmeriCorps Seniors programs are open specifically to Americans age 55 and older.

Help an older adult live independently when you join the Senior Companion Program. Serve as a friend and companion by providing assistance and friendship to older adults who have difficulty with daily living tasks. The program aims to keep older adults independent longer, and provide respite to family caregivers.

Program Details

The Senior Companion program focuses on providing assistance and friendship to older adults who have difficulty with daily living tasks, such as shopping or paying bills. Through this program, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers keep older Vermonters independent longer and provide respite to family caregivers.

Senior Companion Volunteers serve as a friend and companion to older neighbors, making sure they can live in their own homes for as long as possible. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers themselves report better health and longevity having served their community.

Become a Senior Companion

The Senior Companion Program is meant to serve those individuals who want to help older folks in their communities, while maintaining a flexible schedule, and receiving a small non-taxable stipend. Those involved in this program often say they get more out of it than they give.

Senior Companions receive a very small non-taxable stipend, mileage reimbursement, and friendships that last a lifetime!

So I came here I filled out the application for a senior companion and here I am six years later I love my job you know it’s not really a job it’s gives me a purpose in life it gives me a purpose to get out of bed some days I wonder what I would do if i didn’t do this you know when you walk in the house and they give you that big smile or they give you a hug or tell you that they missed you you know that’s all worth it they’re part of my life that I would never change. I love all my clients I hope to be able to do this for many many years we try to put the word out there that you know there’s something for you to do whether it’s delivering meals on wheels or just sitting with somebody reassuring them that the day is going to be okay and they’re so appreciative you know so I don’t know what I do without you you know well I don’t know what I do without them it works both ways i’m the only senior companion in Addison County and it would be nice to have others to help with the program I think this is the 14th year the reason why I enjoy doing it helping people out and seeing progress and their health their well-being and their general attitude towards life we are senior companions I love my job I mean that’s when somebody says well how do you like being a senior I love my job um you know it’s it’s meeting the people I have some clients i’ve had for six years um I you know and after like a year or so you’re not just a senior companion your family and that’s what it’s all about is making them feel like they have family it’s rewarding you’re not only their companion but they’re yours now if you’re out there and you need something to do that’s gratifying you know gratifying see how you become a senior companion we need you you know we need as many as we can get.


Have questions about being a Senior Companion? Check out the information in this section and then click the button to apply.

  • Age 55 years or older
  • Have a yearly income less than $30,120 (single), $40,880 (couple), $51,640 (family of 3), $62,400 (family of 4)*
  • Must work a minimum of 10 hours a week, not to exceed 2,080 hours per year
  • Volunteers can work anywhere from 10–40 hours per week

*Applies to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. 2024 Americorps Seniors FGP/SCP Income Eligibility Levels based on 200 percent of DHHS poverty guidelines.

  • Help with tasks of daily living (grocery shopping, doctor visits, sharing a hobby, etc.)
  • Provide respite for you if you are a family caregiver
  • Give support and friendship

  • $4.00 hourly stipend. The stipend you receive is non-taxable and does not count against other benefits you receive such as 3SquaresVT or subsidized housing
  • $0.67 per mile mileage reimbursement
  • Monthly in-service meetings
  • Flexible schedule—you make your own hours!

It is Age Well’s policy to comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations with respect to discrimination, including AmeriCorps’ procedure for adjudicating complaints alleging illegal discrimination. Age Well will never retaliate against a Senior Companion Program volunteer, client, or prospective volunteer or client, who raises a concern of illegal discrimination in good faith.

Further details regarding our policy and procedure can be found in the Vermont Senior Companion Program Volunteer Handbook. To receive a copy of the handbook or learn more about our non-discrimination policy and procedure, you may contact the Volunteer Department by email at [email protected] or phone at 802-662-5249. If you are a Senior Companion Program volunteer, client, or prospective volunteer or client, who is concerned that you may have been illegally discriminated against, you may also reach out to AmeriCorps directly by email at [email protected] or phone at 202-606-3461.

To learn more, contact the Age Well Volunteer Program at 802-662-5249 or [email protected].

Share the Senior Companion Program flyer with your friends, family, and community who meet the eligibility guidelines, and let your networks know how they can give back to older Vermonters.

Volunteer Your Time

Would you like to help Vermonters age well? To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact the Age Well Volunteer Program at 802-662-5249 or [email protected].