The Bridge Restaurant

The Bridge Restaurant

8013 Route 17, Addison VT, 05491

Wednesday-Sunday 11:00 am-Close (Labor Day-April 30)

Wednesday and Thursday 11:00 am-Close (May 1st-Labor Day)

Present ticket prior to ordering your meal. Suggested donation does not include tip.

Hot Sandwich: Hot hamburger or hot turkey sandwich with gravy, coleslaw, mashed or baked pota- to, hot vegetable or applesauce
Cup and a Half: Cup of soup of the day (no French Onion), 1/2 ham, turkey or roast beef sandwich on wheat with lettuce, tomato, onion, coleslaw
Bridge Half & Half: 1/2 chef salad with ham, turkey and mozzarella cheese, choice of dressing, 1/2 fruit salad with a scoop of cottage cheese and slice of wheat bread
Fried Haddock Sandwich: 50z fried haddock filet sandwich with lettuce, tomato and onion served with tartar sauce, coleslaw, choice of homemade mashed or baked potato.
Chicken Dinner: 50z grilled chicken breast (bbq, teriyaki sauce or plain), coleslaw, mashed or baked potato, hot vegetable or applesauce.
Choice of Dessert Included: Tapioca Pudding, Ice Cream, Applesauce or Tropical Fruit Cup