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Looking to drive business? Want to make a positive impact?

Join the Restaurant Program

What is it?

An opportunity for older adults to enjoy a nutritious meal at a local restaurant.

How does it work?

Individuals donate for tickets at Age Well to use at participating restaurants during specified times.

What are the benefits?

  • Build your brand through a 40+ year old, trusted nonprofit
  • Drive new customers to your restaurant during low-traffic times
  • Opportunity to give back

What does it cost to join?

It’s free! Customers present the Age Well ticket to you. Once a month, we gather the tickets and reimburse you for each meal.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

How is the program monitored? As an Area Agency on Aging, Age Well is responsible for carrying out programs that fulfill guidelines established by the Older Americans Act. To ensure compliance and that nutritional requirements are met, all of Age Weil’s restaurant program is monitored by staff and Registered Dietitians.

How long has the restaurant program existed? More than 20 years!

Which customers are eligible? Individuals who are over the age of 60 and have registered as an Age Well program recipient. (We take care of the registration.)

Why is this program so important to older adults? The restaurant ticket program helps our community fight against the three biggest threats facing seniors: hunger, isolation and loss of independence. Often the individuals we serve are financially at-risk, leading them to skip meals and eat alone. This program offers older adults the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious, affordable meal in their community.

Who decides when participants can redeem their tickets? The restaurant determines what day (s) and time(s) that they would like to participate in the program. This can vary from once a week to multiple times a week. Many of our restaurant partners select times that that they may traditionally experience slower traffic and not be at full capacity.

Can the participant invite family and friends? Yes! They can choose to eat alone or invite friends and family. For many older adults, enjoying time at a local restaurant with company is just as important as the nutritional value gained from eating a well-balanced meal. However, the ticket can also be used by Age Weil’s client. (Each ticket is signed by the older adult.)

Is there a special menu for the program? If so, who determines what’s on it? Yes, there is a special menu for the restaurant program. The menu varies by restaurant and is determined by the restaurant and approved by Age Well. Generally, the menu includes a choice of 3-4 meal choices selected by the restaurant that is valued based on the reimbursement rate listed in the contract. The Older Americans Act requires milk to be available to all participants (though some may choose not to drink it). After finalizing menu items, Age Well designs the menu and laminates 12 copies for continued use at the restaurant.

Can guests, friends or family order from Age Well’s menu for themselves? No, they are expected to order from the restaurant’s regular, full-priced menu.

When does the participant present their ticket? The participant presents their ticket before ordering, signaling the staff person to provide them with an Age Well menu.

How does the restaurant keep track of tickets and receive reimbursement for meals? The restaurant would receive the signed tickets, which serves as a voucher payment. At the end of the month, an Age Well staff person collects the tickets, verifies the count with restaurant management and issues reimbursement based on the rate listed in the contract.

How do servers receive tips? Participants are notified when obtaining their ticket at Age Well that the tip is not included and they are encouraged to tip staff at the restaurant.

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