WCAX: Super Senior: Terry Bosworth

ST. ALBANS, VT. (WCAX) – Kirk and Terry Bosworth spend a lot of quality time together. The father and son volunteers deliver “Meals on Wheels.”

“He’s the kind of guy who wants to get up every day and do something,” son Terry said.

Kirk Bosworth: OK, got to work outdoors.

Terry Bosworth: Got to work outdoors.

Kirk Bosworth: That’s the way it goes.

Today, around the St. Albans area.

“They used to be all old people, now they’re young people to me,” dad Kirk said.

The Super Senior is 90 and his kid is 65.

“We just do it because we enjoy it, I realize it’s a ‘good work.’ We don’t pat ourselves on the back too much about it,” Kirk said.

Terry does most of the meal deliveries with a side order of small talk.

Terry Bosworth: Look at the Grinch slippers, they’re awesome!

Judy Gagne/Meals on Wheels recipient: I have the shirt, too.

Back in the car, Kirk watches the road and tells Terry where to go.

“It’s good to be out,” Kirk said. “It’s good to be doing something for others.”

Kirk was born in Bristol and grew up in Burlington. He had his sights on the sky and became a naval aviator. Now, Kirk is the navigator for the Meals on Wheels missions.

“Next stop: Judy and Christopher,” Kirk directed Terry.

On the ground, there’s no turbulence.

Terry Bosworth: Do we get along?

Kirk Bosworth: Yes. To whom are we speaking…

Terry Bosworth: Each other.

Kirk Bosworth: Yeah, yeah, we have to. I’m totally dependent on him.

Kirk started delivering meals with his wife, Jean. But when Jean died, Terry took the wheel, and “Team Jean” was formed in honor of the woman who started with “Meals on Wheels” in 1974.

“Until she died. She delivered Meals on Wheels just a few weeks before she died,” Terry recalled.

The Bosworth men say Jean would be happy the tradition carries on.

Terry Bosworth: Have a good day.

Judy Gagne: Have a good day, too. Thank you very much.

Terry Bosworth: You’re welcome, bye-bye.

Kirk Bosworth: There.

A meal delivered as a father and his son fulfill their desire to help others.

By Joe Carrol • Published December 29, 2022 

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