Champlain Valley Agency on Aging (CVAA) Becomes Age Well

An Evolved Mission
For the past 14 months, CVAA has undertaken an organization-wide initiative to better align the needs of today’s seniors with the expansion of their programs. Mike Hall, CEO explains, “As the seniors we serve – their lives, their needs, their expectations – have evolved, so too has CVAA changed.  The time has come to reflect this evolution in our name and our strategic focus.”

Their New Name
Age Well connects with the universal desire to age with purpose, vigor and confidence. Age Well expresses the belief that people should embrace the aging process, entering their later years with determination, grace, and spirit. Hall affirms, “Age Well is committed to helping seniors thrive, not just survive.”

Looking Forward
This transformation has another important message: successful aging and independent living require careful attention to health and wellness. Age Well’s focus on monitoring health status and connecting individuals to a network of support are part of their strategy to help avoid or delay the onset of chronic disease and keep seniors at home, where they want to be.

“It Takes a Village”
The number of seniors is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. Currently, there are over 40,000 Vermont seniors living alone –in or near poverty– and more than half are threatened by hunger and isolation. Age Well’s staff is committed to reducing barriers by providing access to healthy meals, in-home care, and community resources. With the support of staff and over 1,000 volunteers, Age Well’s sought-after services are designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients, families and caregivers.

How Can You Help?
Most of Age Well’s services are free. But, of course, providing them is not. As a nonprofit trying to support the increasing needs of our aging population, meeting the demand for services is a continuing challenge, particularly with decreases in federal and state funding. Gifts of time and donations are vital to Age Well’s ability to provide the support and guidance that inspires our community to embrace aging with confidence.

To learn more about Age Well, call their Helpline: 1-800-642-5119 or visit

About Age Well

Age Well is a nonprofit organization that serves Addison, Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle counties and is the largest Meals on Wheels provider in Vermont. Their mission is to provide the support and guidance that inspires community to embrace aging with confidence. Since 1974, Age Well has delivered over 9 million meals, provided nutrition and care coordination services to over 50,000 people, and responded to over 250,000 calls through our senior helpline.