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Creating Community Connections – Supporting New Americans in Vermont


To help aging Vermonters thrive, Age Well develops opportunities that seek to create a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve. Our mission: to provide the support and guidance that inspires our community to embrace aging with confidence, is fulfilled many different ways – whether that be delivering nourishment through Meals on Wheels, coordinating services to ensure a continuum of care or implementing new wellness programs.

Since 2013, Age Well has supported the New American population in Northwestern Vermont. Our primarily volunteer-run, community meal program offers the chance for both Americans and New Americans, many of whom are Bhutanese, to share a meal and activities together while celebrating one another’s heritage, holidays and festivals.

Over the years, this program has expanded to due to growth in the New American population. Committed to meeting this increasing need, Age Well provides outreach and translation services to ensure that individuals are connected to their communities, have access to public benefits and are aware of available services.


Enriching the lives of those we serve often comes to fruition through the partnerships that Age Well has with local organizations. Essentially, creating opportunities for growth is a community effort. A few weeks ago, we partnered with Sarah Carter, CPRP, of Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront to plan an outing for Bhutanese seniors.

On a cool, spring morning, two buses travelled to Cold Hollow Mill. Enjoying freshly-pressed, apple cider and homemade donuts was the first stop on this tasty adventure. After an outdoor lunch, volunteer drivers transported the Bhutanese seniors to Cabot Cheese where Hot Habanero Cheddar Cheese was unanimously that favorite among the different flavors. The last stop on the outing was Ben & Jerry’s, which included a tour of the factory.

This experience fostered community connections while helping to move past challenges that New Americans often face, including navigating cultural differences, combating isolation, and lacking transportation.

515blogimage3Nearly everyone at some point in their lives has felt the difficulty that comes with “being new.” By creating opportunities for individuals to build relationships, we allow for greater communication, enabling us to better understand the best way to all work together and benefit from one another.


Age Out Loud - Celebrating Older Americans Month

Blog post OOA logoGetting older doesn’t mean what it used to for many aging adults. Nowadays, it is often viewed as a phase of life where interests, goals, and dreams can get a new or second start. Aging out loud is about eliminating outdated perceptions and living the way that suits you best.

Take Barbara Hillary, for example, a nurse for 55 years who dreamed of traveling the globe. At age 75, Hillary became the first African American woman to set foot on the North Pole. Then in 2011, at age 79, she set another first when she stepped onto the South Pole. Former president, George H.W. Bush, celebrated his 90th birthday by skydiving. Actress, Betty White, now 95 years old, became the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live in 2010. Now is the time to age out loud.

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State Health Insurance Counselors – Experts to Help You Navigate Medicare

SHIP Homepage Image

A famous writer, J.W. Goethe, said, “Everything is hard before it is easy.” This quote certainly rings true in regards to navigating health insurance and Medicare — a constantly changing, often confusing landscape. Many find it challenging to understand what’s available and how to meet their needs. We’re here to make it less hard.

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Meals on Wheels – Providing Much More Than A Meal


In response to confusion around federal funding received by Meals on Wheels:  Meals on Wheels services are provided directly to seniors by a nationwide network of 5,000 local community-run programs that, in the aggregate, receive 35% of their funding from the federal government. Some media outlets have incorrectly reported this number to be 3%, confusing it with the federal funding received by Meals on Wheels America, the national membership organization that does not provide direct services (e.g., meals). This miscommunication dramatically understates the significant impact of any federal budget cuts that may affect Meals on Wheels.

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Ready to March? Join Age Well's 2017 March for Meals

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Are you ready to March for Meals? Help us fight the three biggest threats facing our aging population: hunger, isolation and loss of independence. The statistics regarding Vermont seniors are startling: 

 42,112 are living in or near poverty

 39,866 are isolated, living alone

 20,356 are threatened by hunger


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